school in gb managed by raaigb
Research And Advocacy Institute of Gilgit Baltistan (RAIGB) is a non-profit organization that has been serving communities globally since 2013. Our focus is to uplift the needs of marginalized communities in the areas of education, medical assistance, crisis response/disaster relief, and environment. We believe in interventions that are culturally specific and trauma-informed, that can bring about sustainable change to local communities while empowering them. RAI GB was started by Husain Nagri, who has been a social worker since his younger age. In 2013, Hussain conceived of the idea and started working on it with the help of community and friends, a task he and his wife continued together after their union in 2015. Together, they worked hard on a vision that would later formalize into RAI GB. In the first year, they sponsored the 18 kids at various private schools in Nagar and then started career counseling in these schools as well. In 2016, RAI GB got officially registered under the Voluntary Welfare Organizations Ordinance, 1961, of the act of the Government of Pakistan in Gilgit City, with a registered office in District Nagar Gilgit Baltistan. RAI GB mostly provides direct services to various communities throughout Gilgit-Baltistan. In 2021, RAI GB got registered in the United States under 501(c)(3) with a registered office in Houston. We continue to work towards our mission of serving marginalized communities in various sectors. Our efforts include building capacity for education medical aid, crisis response, disaster relief, and the environment. We are a trauma informed, culturally specific organization that looks to empower individuals and create a positive impact in their lives.