Our staff has always valued engaging young students and guiding them in areas they might be struggling with. We hold annual career counseling sessions with local organizations like Young Reformers of Gilgit Baltistan and other community schools. These sessions allow a natural mentorship opportunity for kids to interact with local, successful professionals who understand the cultural dynamics of the population and provide them with practical ways to prioritize their education. Exchange Programs:   Gilgit Baltistan has the best literacy rate in all of Pakistan. Despite its remote geographic locations, the region has had many Fulbright Scholars and recipients of other State Department programs like Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange &Study (YES) Program, UGRAD and many others. This is because there is an emphasis on learning and education in the local communities. In order to encourage local students, RAI GB has held exchange program info sessions with the help of US Embassy in Islamabad to ensure kids in GB are aware of these life changing opportunities.