Under the leadership of Sahar Naqvi and Dr Pandora White, both Fulbright Alumni, RAI GB was the implementing partner of a fun and exciting project funded by the US State Department and Partners of the Americas. Let’s Learn Together focused on international exchange opportunities for minorities that are underrepresented. In the small town of Fayette, in rural Mississippi, Qasimabad/Masoot and Thole, Nagar, our project focused on language acquisition, and reciprocal learning to enhance mutual understanding for both communities. We took over 35 students from various schools in each country and provided them with language lessons. These lessons aimed to deepen the cultural understanding of the other community, while building on existing language skills and improving them by regular exchange. The project also introduced Urdu to kids in Mississippi, so they could learn basic Urdu Skills. Let’s Learn Together also brought speakers from internal exchange programs sponsored by the US State Department on a platform, so the kids could learn about tremendous, life changing opportunities from their peers and fellow community members. We were able to bring more than 8 speakers of various backgrounds to share their experiences about international exchange and we brought more than 80 kids from both Nagar and Mississippi together to learn a new language, and or enhance on their current language skills.