IMK Scholarships are a need based and merit based initiative that provides funding for impoverished children in Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. IMK was one of the first projects that was the brain child of RAI GB Co-Founder, Sahar Naqvi, while she was doing field research in Pakistan as a graduate student at Florida International University. Sahar as a scholarship recipient herself, recognized the only way she could pay forward was by founding a scholarship program for kids like herself, who came from all sorts of socio economic backgrounds. Since the beginning IMK  has awarded over 160 kids in various schools in Nagar Valley and other parts of Pakistan. Annual Scholars Competition: part of the IMK Scholarship, merit based program is our annual scholars’ competitions, where every grade level holds a competition based on their annual curriculum and picks a winners based on their skills and strengths. Our program encourages a healthy competition to develop lifelong learning and a love for education. Every year, RAIGB distributes 24 merit-based and need-based scholarships. Since 2014, we have been distributing scholarships to the students of the following schools who fit our scholarship criteria.
  • Shah Wali Academy, Ghulmat Nagar  2014
  • Sun Rise Public School. Nagar Khass 2014,2015
  • Dawn Public School, Thole 2014-2023
  • AL Noor Public School, Jafarabad 2016-2023
  • Naunihal Public School, Nilt 2015-2023
  • Ali Academy, Sikaderabad  2016-2019