Sahar Naqvi Executive Director Syeda Sahar Naqvi is an experienced trauma support professional, and an advocate. Sahar has provided culturally specific, trauma informed services to survivors of gender-based violence for many years. Sahar has experience working with NGOs both in USA and in Pakistan. Sahar has been involved with her local community in Houston advocating on economic justice, reproductive justice and healing justice.She has worked with local organizations raising issues on gender based violence. Sahar has a master’s degree in Religious Studies from Florida International University focused on violence and religion in South Asia. She did her bachelor’s from FIU as well with Honors, in which she wrote a thesis based on a field research focused on violence in South Asia, which was funded by the McNair Scholars Program. She is also a Gilman Scholar. Sahar has won numerous research grants that enabled Sahar to work globally. Sahar is also a Fulbright Alumni,  she was place at The University of Pristina , Kosovo to teach conflict resolution via language instruction to students. Simultaneously, she worked with IGOs and NGOs to build a curriculum for peace education in Eastern Europe. The curriculum emphasized diversity, inclusivity and multiculturalism. Sahar is now the Executive Director of RAI GB-US, she aims to diligently work so she can uplift the needs of marginalized communities globally.   Hussain Nagri Director Hussain is a dedicated social entrepreneur and founder of RAI GB, an organization committed to promoting social and economic development in Gilgit-Baltistan. He has been a driving force behind RAI GB’s efforts to tackle poverty, lack of education, healthcare services, and environmental issues in the region. Hussain holds a Masters in Media Sciences from the University of Karachi and has worked with local newspapers and online outlets in Gilgit-Baltistan, highlighting key local issues, with a particular focus on environmental concerns. He has also gained valuable experience as a cameraman with a national television network. In addition to his social work, Husain has a keen interest in tourism and has established Hotel Xtasy Rakaposhi and a guest house in Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, which provides employment opportunities  and contributes for the local community and contribute to the region’s economy. Husain’s dedication and leadership has been critical to the success of RAI GB, and he continues to work tirelessly towards the organization’s mission. He has served in different positions with various NGOs in Pakistan, including as the media coordinator for Young Reformers Gilgit Baltistan and as a member of the National Youth Assembly Pakistan GB chapter, where he served as the Minister of Information.
Moosa Raza